43rd Cerne Abbas Open Gardens 16 & 17 June 2018, 2-6pm
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In the Village

Youth Club

Cerne Valley Youth Club is the main meeting place for the youth of the Valley. Each Friday evening in term time around 30-40 young people aged 9 – 19 meet up in the Cerne Village Hall to socialise and enjoy a structured programme of activities eg cookery, music. films, games and occasional events such as kick boxing, bouncy castle , pole jousting. Talks are given on health topics, fire safety etc. The Club is run by a trained youth leader and deputy assisted by senior helpers who have undergone appropriate training. From September this year all funding from Dorset County Council has been withdrawn leaving the Club in the position of having to raise money to ensure its survival. The Club runs several fund raising events over the year eg Christmas meal, Bingo evenings and they were extremely grateful to be the village recipients of the Open Garden funds this year. The Club plan to provide the refreshments at the Open Gardens again this year.

The Club is run by a trained youth leader and deputy assisted by senior helpers who have undergone appropriate training. From September this year all funding from Dorset County Council has been withdrawn leaving the Club in the position of having to raise money to ensure its survival. The Club runs several fund raising events over the year eg Christmas meal, Bingo evenings and they were extremely grateful to be the village recipients of the Open Garden funds this year. The Club plan to provide the refreshments at the Open Gardens again this year.

Young Peoples' Trust

Please would you ask the “Open Gardeners” to consider Cerne Valley Young People Trust as a recipient of donations from Open Gardens in Cerne Abbas in 2017.

Cerne Valley Young People Trust was started by Cdr. Geoff Hunt in 2008, with the object of supporting young people in the Cerne Valley generally or individually, by making grants of money or paying for items, services or facilities, judged to meet their needs and aspirations.

Since the start the Trust has helped youth groups and individuals with many exciting and interesting life experiences which the Trustees felt would enable the young people to learn and grow. All the youth groups in the village have been supported at different times, and Cerne Crusaders, the Cub/Scouts and the Youth Club are continually helped with Village Hall rent subsidies. The Village School, and the playground area have also been recipients of funding. Camping trips and transport have been subsidised for clubs and individuals. Individuals have been assisted with ventures such as tuition for event riding, overseas educational trips to aid local people and channel swimming. All these young people agreed that these events were life changing experiences.

Requests can be made to any Trustee at any time, and all requests are carefully considered before a decision is made.

The Trust is totally reliant on donations for its income. No donation is too small. The Trust is registered as a “charity in law” with HM Customs and Excise, giving the Trust Gift Aid status, and enabling the Trust to reclaim income tax.

It has become increasingly difficult to raise funds in recent years, but the generous people of the Cerne Valley have continued to endorse the efforts of the Trustees to continue with this worthwhile venture of supporting the endeavours on our local young people.

The Trust would be most grateful if the “Garden Openers” would consider our application.

Cerne Valley (boy and girl) Scout Group

The Scout Group continues to establish itself as a great influence on the young people of Cerne Abbas and its surrounding community. With the fantastic support of the "Open Gardens" the group has purchased equipment that has allowed our groups young people to experience camping and outdoor activities.

However for the Scout Group to maintain its success it needs to offer activities that can compete with TV, Computer Games and Pop Music, with that in mind we are embarking on fund raising events to raise funds to hopefully acquire specialist equipment to enable "Light Weight Camping" "Target Shooting" "Archery" and "Pioneering". These four areas will be our mission for 2017/2018.

Light weight tents will allow us to offer Senior Cubs and Scouts to take part in competitive over-night camping hikes, expeditions and Scout District and County events. These activities support our young people to develop in areas of independence, self-reliance, teamwork and character building.

Target Shooting encourages mental and physical self-control, responsibility and respect for others. Young People that show promise would be available to enter Scouting Competitions at District, County and National level. (A Scout who qualified for Team GB at the Rio Olympic Games was one-point off a Bronze medal).

Archery creates many qualities and skills important in the development of young people. Archery helps to create adventure and a sense of achievement and is open to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts alike. It also gives opportunity to build team spirit, self-control, responsibility and self-esteem and with an added caveat to expose them to Sportsmanship and Social graces.

Pioneering within Scouting has always been well received among young people, it offers that fascination of using Poles and Ropes to build structures, such as Platforms, Bridges, Aerial Runways etc. Working alone or in a team helps young people to develop so many kills and qualities.

All the above activities are encouraged and supported by the Scout Association. Our leaders are qualified and hold necessary certificates in Camping, Pioneering and Shooting. One of our Leaders is about to attend a course to obtain an Archery Qualification Certificate.

Estimated Start-Up costs to acquiring Activity Equipment is as follows: Light Weight Tents - £450.00 Target Shooting - £1,000.00 Archery-£1,000.00 Pioneering - £400.00

Outside the Village

Julia's House

Julia’s House is the only children’s hospice charity situated in Dorset and Wiltshire dedicated to helping life-limited or life-threatened children and their families.

No parent expects to live longer than their child, but for many of the families we care for, this is a reality. Julia’s House exists for these children and their families.

We offer frequent, regular care for children and respite for parents and siblings in their own homes, in the community, at our Dorset hospice and, from next year, in our new Wiltshire hospice. We are here year-round and in a crisis also there when the worst happens, providing practical and emotional support at the end of a child’s life.

We receive only 5 per cent of our funding from the government and rely on public donations and fundraising for the rest of the funds we need to offer our free support to families that need us.

For more information visit www.juliashouse.org; Facebook: juliashousedorset; Twitter: @Julias_House

Fortuneswell Cancer Trust

We have just embarked on one of the most exciting projects at the hospital for some time. This is to develop the West Dorset Cancer Centre. RADIOTHERAPY services are coming to Dorchester in partnership with Poole Hospital. Funding for the radiotherapy equipment and building, which are central to the overall project, has been secured.

We need your help to develop the Outpatients department to be built above the radiotherapy area, and secondly to reconfigure the chemotherapy suite. It will create a world class Cancer Centre for the people of WEST DORSET, and it will cost £1.76m. This will be totally charitably funded as the NHS cannot fund the development.

The Fortuneswell Cancer Trust made the first pledge and also the first donation to the West Dorset Cancer Centre Campaign.We have already donated £100,000 in 2015/16 and have pledged a further £100,000 for 2016/17.This was the perfect way to launch the campaign, but there is a long way to go.

We know that all of you and the wider community will be keen to ensure the success of this venture by generously supporting the appeal.


Footprints, which was established as a charity in 2004, to reduce the risk of reoffending, by training volunteers from the community to mentor and support those who ask for our help whilst in prisons, and are returning to Dorset and South Somerset expanded to cover Hampshire in 2014. We offer a ‘through the gate’ mentoring service – linking those inside with outside resources to enable the changes they wish to make to materialise.

From April 2016, working in partnership with Parkstone United Reform Church (PURC) we formally began a pilot ‘Life Works Programme’, where ex-offenders amongst others from the community, can volunteer to do painting, decorating and other such maintenance on Community Buildings. Helping them to establish a routine, gain in confidence and work skills has enables the volunteers to feel ready to register on courses and access jobs.

Working closely with the The National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies, and resettlement services in prisons, we take applications from individuals or referalls from staff or other agencies, to mentor and support men and women leaving custody or who have already been released back in to the community. They will most likely have a history of regular periods spent in prison, suffered abuse, both mental and physical, have drug and alcohol issues (80%), mental health needs and have come from chaotic backgrounds. Many (one third in 2014-2015) came out of prison with nowhere to go.

Where time and arrangements permit our staff and or our volunteer mentor meets his/her mentee in prison prior to release but either way where possible, we meet each client at the gate on release and take them to their accommodation. In those first crucial days we will see our client most days and be in very regular contact by mobile phone, supporting him/her to access housing and benefits, healthcare, training/education and employment and advocating on their behalf where necessary. Through this programme of support ex-offenders are helped to reduce their dependence on drugs or alcohol that in turn raises their self-esteem and confidence. Whilst it is difficult to quantify, it is accepted that intensive mentoring is a significant factor in helping to reduce re-offending. We aim to empower our mentees so that they can reach the goals that they set for themselves.

The Miss Bush Riding for the Disabled Group

The group teaches disabled adults to ride at Stock Farm Equestrian Centre, West Parley Dorset every week rain or shine.

Horse riding is a fantastic therapy for both exercise and well-being. Every week around 12 riders arrive before 10 a.m.and stay until the session finishes, they ride, watch and encourage one another over a cup of coffee so you can see the riding gives them exercise and a sense of achievement. The social aspect gives them mental stimulation, all these things are so important to maintaining abnormal a life as possible for disabled adults.

The Group is organised and run by 16 volunteers. We aim to give all our riders individual Lessons, but also, weather permitting the riders can ride along farm tracks.

We hope that your Committee will consider our Group as one of your charities.

Leonardo Trust

The Leonardo trust is an independent charity set up in 2001 to help people in Dorset who care for a sick or disabled relative or friend, full time, at home. The Leonardo trust knows that being a full-time carer is hard work and that getting time off can be difficult. Everyone needs some time to themselves for short periods of rest and relaxation. If finding the money for a few hours extra respite care or to pay for whatever you would like to do to relax is difficult, we may be able to help you

Since 2001 we have supported many carers based in Dorset and although there is increasing government recognition for the needs of carers, and some requests can now be covered by statutory grants, we are here as a last resort, when other avenues are not appropriate or when funding is short.