44th Cerne Abbas Open Gardens 15 & 16 June 2019, 2-6pm
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2018 Annual Overview

Year's average temperature 12.5C Year's total precipitation 1237.6mm
Average over last decade 11.6CAverage over last decade 1241.6mm

The figures above show that in Cerne Abbas, 2018 was a good deal (nearly one degree) warmer than average while the total rainfall was almost exactly the same as the average over the last ten years.

The year started with the mildest January since 2007 but then February and March were rather cold before the temperatures for the next five months were all a good bit above the average, representing a very warm summer. September and October had fairly average temperatures while the year ended with a relatively mild November and December.

The 2018 rainfall was below average for the first two months before the wettest March on record was followed by a wet April. The next six months had below average rainfall with June, the driest month this century (only 2 mm recorded). November produced another contrast with it being the wettest November for many years while the first two-thirds of December also continued wet but thankfully the year finished with a dry spell.

Although the extremes of wet and dry months were considerable, the total rainfall for 2018 was within a few millimetres of the average for the last decade.

Philip Spray